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120W Highway Lights With Aluminum Alloy DC12/24V

Highway Lights provide each customer or fleet owner with a wide range of stainless steel accessories and lights. Theadvent of LED highway and street lights has come a long way to reduce energy consumption but what more can we do to decrease our energy.

Highway authorities have an important responsibility of providing safe roadway illumination within a state or local budget. Advances in LED highway lighting are providing an opportunity to not only produce the optimal lighting; but also, save energy in the process.  The cost of high performance, high quality highway lights will typically be recouped several times over a project’s lifespan due to energy savings and decreased maintenance material and labor costs.

LED highway lighting

Typical Applications of Highway Lights:

It is used to illuminate areas such as highways, streets, residential areas, roads, parks, car parks.

Features & Characteristic of Highway Lights:

*Featuring OSRAM LED chips, outstanding energy saving performance.

*Patented power supply technology, electricity surge and overheating auto-protection.

*Patented heat dissipation technology, 50000 hours long life with minimum luminous decay.

*Universal input voltage, AC / DC both work without any adapter or transformer.

*High power factor to minimize total harmonic distortion.

*Instant start and flicker free to reduce the eyestrain.

*Very even light distribution and high uniformity, no glare to eyes.

*Good color rendering, vivid colors under the light.

*Industry-leading 5-5-10 year warranty.

*DC 12V and 24V version also available for solar power and other applications.

Specification of Highway Lights:

Model of led highway lights ZHGL-120A
Power Consumption LEDs: 108W
Driver: 12W
Total: 120W
Lamp Efficiency: 14400lm
Replace HID Lamp: 250-300W
Dimension: 360*358*187mm
Net Weight: 8Kg(17.6lbs)
Color Temperature: 4000K(Warm White)/6000K(Cool White)
Color Rendering: ≥Ra80
Working Life: ≥50000Hrs
Housing: Copper Free Aluminum
Finish: Cathode EPD
IP Class: IP65(Upgradeable To IP67)
Insulation Class: Class I (Upgradeable To Class II)
Working Humidity: 10%~95%
AC Input: 80~315Vac,(347Vac Available On Request)
DC Input: 80~400Vdc,(12Vdc,24Vdc And Other Input Available On Request)
THD: <10%
Power Factor: ≥0.98
Warranty LED Module: 5 Year
Driver: 5 Year
Housing: 10 Year

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