High Power LED Chips

Many customers will ask why your lights are so expensive. Because our lights are all high-power led floodlights, unlike the cob floodlights on the market. 

How to distinguish high power LED chip is also a difficult problem. Zhihai lighting and you are learning together.

1. No professional equipment

2. The purchased products are finished products, and there are no separate test samples

3. Little knowledge of LED chips.

There are a lot of defective products in the market, the most obvious of which is to replace high-quality lamp beads with inferior lamp beads, and the most obvious difference between good and bad lamp beads is the chip.

How to identify the chip is a difficult problem for ordinary people. The type of chip determines the quality of the product, the length of service life and the quality of lighting effect.

Here we use the simplest method of identifying lamp bead chip to identify lamp bead. The first tools we need are:

Tweezers, magnifying glasses

Part 2: prepare a high-power LED lamp bead

Part 3: we used tweezers or bare hands to peel off the silica gel on the lamp bead surface and saw the sesame size LED chip. Then use a magnifying glass to see if the pattern of the lamp bead chip is consistent with the known lamp bead chip.

After the above steps, the high power chip can be easily distinguished. The choice that ACTS the role of a light to act the role of chip suggests consumer still should choose the lamp act the role of the lamp that normal manufacturer produces, can assure the installation effect of lamp act the role of the role of the lamp and use effect so. That is about the led chip brand which good and how to identify the relevant introduction of high power led chips, everybody to want to choose according to their needs, at ordinary times should pay attention to maintain good lighting, avoid repeatedly turn on the switch, affect the quality.

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