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How Does A High Bay Light Work?

With the first energy-saving and light-off in Sydney in 2000, the world has been advocating conservation and advocating green living. In the call for low-carbon and environmental protection, China’s research and development on low-carbon and environmental protection is also constantly developing.

From the perspective of energy conservation, achieving high-quality, high-efficiency products is the trend of future product development. In terms of energy-saving lamps, the energy-saving lamps that everyone knows at present are incandescent lamps, but there is a new type of energy-saving lamps that can save energy and lower carbon than incandescent lamps, that is, LED high bay lights . In today’s article, we will tell you how the mining lamp works.

Work Principle of LED high bay light:

LED high bay light can be directly used to power the generator set, and can also be illuminated by 220V mains for a long time; generally, the generator set is used to fill the fuel and the continuous working time is up to 13 hours. The lamp cap is composed of four 1000W high-efficiency energy-saving lamp caps. Each lamp cap can be adjusted independently by up and down, left and right large angles, or the lamp caps can be uniformly distributed on the lamp panel in four different directions.

If four lamp caps are required to be in the same direction Illumination, the lamp panel can be turned over in the direction of the opening in 250° according to the required illumination angle and orientation, and the cylinder is rotated 360° to the left and right. The lamp head can be adjusted up and down to adjust the beam illumination angle. -55 meters.

The LED high bay light can control the opening and closing of each lamp within 50 meters by wireless remote control. The electric or manual air pump can be used to quickly control the lifting and lowering of the telescopic gas rod. LED high bay light is widely used in the whole structure of the lamp panel, gas rod and generator set. The bottom of the generator set is equipped with a universal wheel and a rail wheel, which can run on uneven pavement and rail.

What are the requirements for high bay lights?

First of all, we must consider the visual effects and use environment that the customer needs for this product. For the high-altitude factory where there is a need for separate lighting for large machine tools, reflectors made of high-performance materials such as mirror glass, mirror glass and polished aluminum can be used. , to get a narrow beam distribution. In the long-term use of dusty, humid and poor environments, industrial and high bay lights have special requirements in structural design, casing and reflector. In the dusty environment, use closed lamps or convection lamps with upward illumination; in humid environment, pay attention to the airtightness of the lamp housing. For indoor indoors, we usually use open-type lamps. We use enamel reflectors and surface aluminum oxide layers. thick. In order to take into account the inevitable vibration in the production site, our UFO high bay lights should be fixed, using hooks, handles, and pinch.

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