high-power LED lights

How does a high-power LED lights dissipate heat?

Most of the high-power LED lights are attached to a large area of the heat sink, coated with thermal grease, and some have added a small fan. As for the high-frequency electrodeless lamp, I am not sure about its design principle. According to my feeling, the power of the high-frequency electrodeless lamp will be larger than the power of the LED lamp.

The cost should be about the same, there are power supply processing circuits. There is also a Led light that may be safer than a high-frequency electrodeless lamp. High-power heat dissipation is generally handled by using an aluminum substrate holder to increase the heat dissipation area, and the solid crystal will use a eutectic wafer to reduce the thermal resistance.

Why is the high-power LED light very hot?

When electric energy is converted into light energy, a part of it is converted into heat energy, and the general indication uses led, including high whitening, to work under small current conditions. The high-power led working current is much higher than the indicating LED, and the conversion is The heat energy is much higher, so it is hot. If it has been the same or compared with other work in the same environment, it is hot, it is normal, and if the electric energy can be converted into light energy, it will become an ideal component.

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