LED industrial lighting

In the factory lighting, “how much light can improve the production efficiency” There is an inseparable relationship between lighting and work efficiency. The led industrial lighting here mainly refers to the illumination in a specific working environment. Such as factory-specific lighting and factory workers working efficiency. Vision determines the level of work efficiency.

 The environmental lighting factors that affect vision include illuminance level, brightness distribution, color appearance, light and shade, etc., and these factors have different effects on work efficiency. One of the illumination is the effect of light efficiency on the work efficiency is the largest. In addition to work with the eye strength, size and contrast of the workpiece size, eye time, will affect the degree of visual fatigue, thereby affecting the efficiency of work. People get information from the outside world through vision, and respond quickly. The efficiency of work and study are directly controlled by the lighting conditions of the environment.

The basic requirements of lighting quality and illumination are one of the most important aspects of work environment. Efficiency has an important impact, improve the quality of industrial led lighting is the basic needs of people’s lives and work. In modern factories, a lot of work requires high-intensity workers to use the eyes to complete, workers must have good eyesight, and to focus on a certain workpiece or a point to complete; there are a lot of work workers need long-term adherence to the eye Complete, even to work overtime to complete. 

At some factories, night-shift workers are at their fingertips when they finish their work while others rest. Under the above circumstances, workers will soon feel visually fatigued and unable to concentrate. As a result, their work efficiency will be affected and even accidents may result in accidents. So good lighting in factories and workshops is very effective with increasing yield and quality. Good lighting increases worker comfort and safety, reduces error rates, and motivates employees to perform well. Outstanding lighting for the enterprise in the fierce competition has played an indirect but very important role. In general, the improvement of illumination can achieve the effect of increasing output, and the efficiency of enterprises can be increased in disguise. However, this aspect is often ignored by the factory owners.

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