street lighting

Efficiency isn’t only about how well lit your streets are. What is this activity costing you? This is an infrastructure you’re so used to, you may not even consider possible improvements. If your lighting system works, why change it?

Technology enables you to save money by transforming your lighting system into a state-of-the-art multi-functional lighting platform. The options are limitless. Even city-wide infrastructures can be revolutionized and in the long run you’ll have more funds available to spend elsewhere.

Ready to use this opportunity? Here’s how you do it.

Use Energy Efficient LED Lights

Why is LED (Light Emitting Diode) the popular word on everyone’s lips? These industry shifts lead to increase in retrofitting of traditional old style street lights with LED fixtures (see page 5 of this report on savings calculations).

Simply by switching traditional led street lighting (Metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps) to LED you’ll save money:

These globes are longer lasting. You won’t have to exchange them as often as your current globes.

The lights don’t break as easily. You use less units every year. Part of this is due to them not reaching the high temperatures other globes do. This prevents combustion.

These lights don’t draw as much electricity as other globes so you can save on your utility bill. Simply stated, LED lights to provide better illumination with less energy used.

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