500w led flood lights

Recently there are many buyers in the store will ask me the question: How long is your 500w LED flood light life expectancy?

When it comes to the life of the lamp, generally speaking from the lamp itself, because led flood lights are mainly composed of chips, drivers.

Let’s talk about the life of led lamps in the end how long! The company is located in:

First of all, we have to understand the key factors affecting the life of LED lamps:

1, lamp beads monomer life;

2, the actual life of lamp beads;

3, the life of the drive.

These three life concepts form the life of the luminaire, and the shortest part of life determines the life of the luminaire.

Here, I would like to explain a common mistake, that is 50,000 hours of argument, this argument from Cree, in its official website has a special note to the effect that: Cree found an independent third-party laboratory, according to the LM -80 standard measured their lamps; the result, under the “normal conditions of use”, measured 6000 hours, the lamp life of 50,000 hours results.

Cree also cautions that any initial conditions or parameter changes will affect the life of 500 watt led flood light.

Please note the following passage: First, Cree did not give the name of an independent third-party laboratory, so the original records are not public; second, Cree did not give the so-called “normal conditions of use”, please note This condition can be inconsistent with “everyday conditions of use”; finally, Cree cautions that initial conditions or parameter changes can affect the life of the LED.

From the above description shows that this experiment is for reference only, not very tight, so “50,000 hours life,” said one can not be used as a reliable basis for publicity.

Finally, the LED flood lighting industry, said the “dilemma” issue is that the current market-driven life expectancy is much lower than the LED lamp life. Of course, the essence of the problem is due to the irrational structure of the drive technology, resulting in inefficiency and high temperature rise. Due to the uneven temperature distribution caused by the technical structure, the life of the LED drive is greatly reduced.

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