outdoor tennis court lighting

Standards are based on the use of the stadium and lighting standards, roughly divided into the following levels:

Training and entertainment activities illumination 120-300lx; amateur competition 300-500lx; professional competition 500-800lx; general tv broadcast ≥1000lx; large-scale international competition high-definition television broadcast 1400lx, tv emergency 750lx.

conventional cloth lamp way of an outdoor tennis court lighting :

(1) Four-corner arrangement: The lamps and the centralized form are combined with the lamp post and arranged at the four corners of the playing field.

(2) Mixed arrangement: The combination of two-sided arrangement and four-corner arrangement.

(3) Arrangement on both sides: The luminaire is combined with a light pole or building track, and is arranged on both sides of the playing field in the form of continuous light strips or clusters.

Outdoor tennis court lighting program: cloth lamp mode: pole cloth lamp on both sides of the stadium; number of cloth lights: 4 groups; each group configuration: 8 meter cone steel poles and two 400W led flood light series; one side and two lights Spacing: 16 meters; average ground illumination: 420 Lux; this program is mainly applied to general tennis courts such as general training and entertainment competitions, such as: community activity centers, factory tennis courts, and communities.

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