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How Many Portable Lights Do We Need For A Football Field?

The soccer field is usually rectangular. The standard 11-a-side football field has a length and width of 105 meters and 68 meters. The 7-a-side football field and the 5-a-side football are reduced in proportion, so the football fields lighting varies with the size of the field and the level of the game.

This kind of humanization, 4 light poles, each light pole can be installed with 8 to 12 500W portable soccer field lights. A total of 32 to 48 500W football field lights can be used to meet the requirements.


Because the on-site environment and usage are different, the requirements are different.For example, in international competitions, where live TV is required, this brightness requirement is higher and clearer, and customers need to provide data to design.General amateur competitions, school competitions, do not involve television broadcasts. That requirement can be general.

The difference also requires different lighting configurations and designs. The configuration of the soccer field and the focus of the portable soccer field lighting design are similar to those of other courses. For example, illumination, uniformity, glare and other indicators.

Whether the need is for soccer field lights for a big stadium or a small outdoor field, LED is a perfect option when trying to achieve a better experience and a reduction in costs.

Since LED offers many benefits, no matter what scale you implement them on they will produce a ROI both directly from energy savings and indirectly through things like improved experiences, longer lifespans, and other benefits directly related to our affordable LED flood lighting solutions.

football field lighting layout

Advantages of portable soccer field lights:

Reduced energy usage

Soccer field lights become a lot more with portable soccer field lights. With energy savings up to 75%, soccer fields are reducing a varied amount of energy consumption. Fields are also saving through longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Better fan experience

Soccer events attract a lot of fans, and the lighting can be the defining factor of whether it ends up a good or bad experience for the fans. Creating a professional and unique experience is now possible with LED. An experience with high quality LED soccer lights Is one not previously achievable with other lighting technologies.

Increased safety

Safety for both the fans and the players is critical to a fun soccer field event. This is why proper lighting & design on the field, behind the stadium, and in the parking lot are all paramount to a successful event. Don't forget about The safety outside of the field and remember LED is the perfect alternative to all of your lighting fixtures at the field.


LED flood light for football pitches

Lighting hitting the field is the most important aspect of any fields lighting system due to its important role in creating an exceptional experience.

For example, our LED flood lights for football pitches can be put at almost any desired color temperature. A color temperature of around 5700k for there flood light products is near that of sunlight, and it provides the highest contrast on the field and is also a great Color temperature for recording and TV broadcasting.

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