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2018 FIFA Russia football World Cup has been over for a while, how are you feeling? Whether the various football clubs have already invested in the training of the next World Cup. However, how can athletes' good training status be separated from the perfect soccer field lights ? Next, I will take everyone into the world of soccer field lights.

Soccer Field Lighting Cost

A high school soccer field can be lighted for approxi- mately $200,000. This includes lighting levels of 30 foot- candles and assumes that power source is adequate and within 100 feet of one of the four poles. Costs could range up to $400,000 depending upon the field's location and specifications.

football field lights

Definition of Soccer

Soccer may be a very talked-about sport in United Mexican States and overseas, and its quality is growing a lot of and a lot of per annum within the U.S. With the increasing quality of the game, football game fields square measure stoning up everywhere the state. Since football game leagues typically play in the dark, it's imperative to possess the correct lights in your football game structure for each the players and therefore the spectators.

illumination levels of soccer field lights

LED lighting on soccer fields will be uniform and in a way that does not hinder the vision of the players, the referee team or the spectators. Illuminating a soccer field. The goal is to ensure good visibility that allows players to follow the progress of the game. The ball, regardless of its location and speed, should always be clearly visible.

It will comply with the standard UNE-EN 12193 “Lighting of sports facilities” and will have the following minimum levels of lighting:

soccer field lighting
MINIMUM ILLUMINATION LEVELS (interior)Horizontal illumination

E med (lux)


E min / E med

Lighting class

International and national competitions7500,7Class I
Regional competitions, high level training5000,7Class II
Local competitions, training, school and recreational use2000,5Class III


For color TV retransmissions and movie recording a vertical illuminance level of at least 800 lux is required. However this value can increase with the distance of the camera to the object. For more information, please refer to the cited standard.

In tracks to the outside the following minimum levels of lighting and glare maximums (GR) will be indicated in the mentioned norm:

MINIMUM ILLUMINATION LEVELS (interior)Horizontal illumination

E med (lux)


E min / E med

Lighting class

International and national competitions5000,7

Class I

Regional competitions, high level training2000,6Class II
Local competitions, training, school and recreational use750,5Class III

Soccer field lights, whether or not flood lights or high bays, square measure a cheap thanks to attain best lighting whereas lowering your utility and maintenance prices over time. Since the lights square measure on whenever the football game field is open, it is sensible to use bulbs that last an extended time. crystal rectifier lighting may be a low power answer that gives superior illumination and a price effective thanks to lower your utility prices.

Are you building a football game field and football field lighting?

Whether you're changing a warehouse into an interior football game center or building an outside football game field in your community, the correct lighting is harmful to your success. Indoor crystal rectifier football game light-weights with a high-quality sensible color give constant light levels. additionally, outside crystal rectifier lights have to be compelled to be corrosion-resistant and sturdy.

soccer field lights

Do you have a football game field and need to change the lighting with soccer field lights?

Making the switch to crystal rectifier lights won't solely prevent cash, it'll conjointly scale back your maintenance prices. Since the sunshine fixtures square measure high and not promptly accessible, dynamical out bulbs is extremely time intense. With the longevity of crystal rectifier lights lasting 50000 + hours, you have got major savings on replacement time and labor.

Soccer fields vary in size from highschool, to college, to recreational and stadium-seating, all football game fields need uniform illumination from lights that don’t produce glare or hot spots on the turf. Also, despite the fact that football game is compete at ground level, the ball could also be kicked high within the air again and again throughout the sport. make certain you have got the most effective crystal rectifier football field lighting to capture each play!

Unfortunately, glare will have an effect on the enjoyment of the sport. Minimize glare for the football game players and therefore the fans by aiming the lights in order that they square measure out of the road of sight of the players and therefore the spectators. square measure your football game games televised? Get TV quality soccer field lights for the most effective field illumination.


How Much Do Soccer Field Lights Cost?

If you use 10*1000w led flood light in your football field, the cost is $10000. For a free quote please contact us at

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