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cost of street light pole

Street light: $5,342. In Concord, replacement of the standard 20-foot pole includes $3,000 for setting a new foundation, and contracting out the work to erect the pole costs $1,150. Like the guardrail, Concord’s estimate doesn’t include extra costs if city workers respond after regular business hours.

If you hit a light pole on state Route 57, it’s going to cost you. City officials said they are not absorbing the cost to repair any of the 370, 250-watt lights if motorists careen into them as they traverse the thoroughfare. The poles each cost about $2,200, which includes installation.

street light cost estimate

The price changes in accordance with type and power. We are now illustrating this by using 100W LED equivalent street light. Our LED cost is US$99, while you may observe the cost of street light ranged from US$110 to US$180 for many companies.

You may experience the cost of LED streetlight is expensive than halogen or high pressure sodium. It is because LED has much longer life span of 80,000 hours, which is 8 to 10 times higher than MH or other HID. You can save more by switching to LED in long term. We should always consider the cost before and after the purchase – the replacement cost and electricity cost to operate the street lamps.

Plus, we also need manpower and cost to install and replace the street lamps. the estimated cost of a street light pole is US$2000 to US$3000, with electrician cost to put in street light to installation is up to $1000! If your project is for the highway or bridge, the total cost will raise by 20% more. Why the installation price is so high? It is because booking the lifting platform and labor is very expensive.

Besides, the whole process is very time consuming – imagine we need to re-install each street light for a 3km highway! The blockage of road will also cost significant economic loss; therefore, why not replacing the street light that have slightly higher cost but 10 times life span than the HID? The US$8000 cost of street light replacement is saved if we do not need to re-install them.

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