cost of installing a light fixture

Are you looking to install a light fixture? Expect to pay anywhere between approximately $80 and $200 for labor and supplies. That's not including the price of the fixture itself.

The total cost to install your light fixture will depend on:

whether there is pre-existing wiring in place
condition and accessibility of any existing wiring, especially for recessed ceiling light fixtures
age of your home
Cost Breakdown

Cost to install a ceiling light fixture will normally include:

Supplies -- Installation includes necessary supplies: 10-32 grounding screws, wire nuts, and electrical tape. Cost of the light fixture itself is extra.
Labor -- Labor includes the basic light fixture installation. If a wiring upgrade or installation or a new mounting box is necessary, this will add to the cost.

Get the Most for Your Money

Although light fixture installation is a relatively small home improvement task, it is best done by a professional electrician -- for the sake of your personal safety and your home's compliance with local building code. Save money on multiple service calls by scheduling several upgrades and/or repairs for your electrician to do in one session.

Before you order any light fixture, make sure that it is compatible with your home's existing wiring and that it will fit into the space available.

LED flood light fixtures

In every house and apartment, light fixtures create a sense of warmth and brightness while illuminating the space so that you can go about your business. Unless you have extensive electrical knowledge, it is best to leave the installation of pendant lights, accent lighting and overhead lights to professionals. Use this guide to get a better understanding of the costs associated with installing a light fixture in your home.

Average Costs of Installing A Light Fixture

While there are several factors that might influence the total cost of light fixture installation in your house, it can help to have an average range to budget for. Homeowners should expect to pay anywhere from $760 to $1,105 for new lighting installation throughout the interior. A single light fixture, on the other hand, may cost between $42 and $112 to install with professional help.

For example,

Need a professional to install your new light fixture?

Here’s what you’ll pay in Denver: The cost to install a light fixture in Denver ranges from $100 to $850+, with most homeowners paying around $225.

However, what you’ll pay within that price range depends on the following factors:

The light fixture you choose
Whether there’s existing wiring or not
The age and condition of your home’s wiring
The electrician you hire

Costs of Using Pre-existing Wiring

While the cost listed above could seem high initially, it is based on the need for new wiring. That means adding a new lighting fixture to any area where there was nothing before, and it requires the work of a licensed electrician in order to operate correctly and not be a fire hazard in your home. If you already have wiring in place and you simply want to replace a fixture with a new model, the costs will be substantially lower.

Costs of Adding Recessed Lighting to Any Space

In both bathroom lighting and kitchen lighting, recessed lights are a popular option to illuminate space without taking up room or looking clunky. However, installing these lights can take time, and it requires you to have available ceiling space overhead. In total, it costs an average of $965 to professionally install recessed lighting in a single room.

Factors Influencing the Total Cost of Installation

Factors that can affect the cost of lighting fixture installation include the price of the LED flood light fixtures, the accessibility of the wiring and even the age of your home. Beautiful accent lights, sconces and pendants can be more expensive, but they do add interest to the interior design of a room. Wiring older homes is more expensive simply because it takes longer to complete.

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