LED Stadium Flood Lights

The local Little League plans to install lights at the Waddell School field to extend playing time.

The four lights from Musco Lighting will cost about $50,0000. Installation would have cost about $40,000 more, but since much of the job will be done by league volunteers who work as electricians and contractors, the cost of the work is estimated at $15,000, Rubin said.

The Manchester Little League serves about 1,000 children, with approximately 80 teams and 250 volunteers, Rubin told the board of directors. They use about 10 fields in town, but the only field that currently has lights is at Northwest Park, he said.

“Lights means more games,” Rubin told the board, allowing extended games in the summer, more games in the fall and more tournaments.

The town is to pick up the $2,000 electricity bill each year for running the lights at Bagshaw Field, named for Russell Bagshaw, a state trooper who was shot and killed in 1991 while responding to a burglary at a Windham gun shop.

Musco Lighting, an international company based in Iowa, uses “green” technology designed to minimize “spillage” of light into the surrounding neighborhood at West Middle Turnpike and Broad Street, Rubin said. No game will start after 7:30 p.m., so the latest the lights should be on is about 9:30 p.m., he said.

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