FIFA World Cup

Russia’s World Cup has opened

For the fans

This is a visual feast

The game has been going on for eight days

Can be said to be brilliant

The host wins and wins the opening.

Almost every game has a hot focus of fans.

However, fans and friends,

There is such a problem:

When watching the World Cup, how will the power outage be?

Although it was just a joke, it explained the importance of electricity to the fans. For football fans concerned about the game, electricity is more important.

The power of World Cup is enough for your home for 20 years! How to choose a perfect football field lighting ?

In a football match, especially in large-scale events, there are really too many places where electricity is needed: venue lighting, auditorium lighting, audio power, electricity for communication facilities, display screens, billboards, emergency lighting, and so on. According to the “JGJ153_2016 Stadium Lighting Design and Testing Standards”, the use of a small amount of electricity in a football match is closely related to the level of this football match. Therefore, the World Cup consumes a lot of power!

Xiao Bian can not help but brain hole:

How much electricity is required for a World Cup?

According to the total lighting power of the World Cup Stadium in 1998, 2002 and 2006, the “abnormal data” of the Hamburg Stadium was excluded, and the average lighting power of each stadium was 500 kilowatts. In general, the duration of a game is 90 minutes (1.5 hours), then a World Cup football needs at least 500 × 1.5 = 750 kWh (not even halftime). In other words, a World Cup to play 64 games, at least use 48,000 kWh, enough for a family of three 240 months, that is 20 years!

And these are just lighting power consumption, if you add communication, audio and video, etc…. The following “Bird’s Nest” stadium power consumption table in different modes, you can see the high-definition broadcast of the world’s attention, really The super power consumption is 2 times that of ordinary TV broadcasting and 3 times that of TV broadcasting. Therefore, it is conservatively estimated that a World Cup soccer game broadcast in high definition may require thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity.

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