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How Much Light Do You Need To Light Up Volleyball Court?

Before you put in your volleyball court lighting for the court, you'll got to take many assessments. First, take offer yourself associate honest appraisal of your electrical capabilities. Unless you're an expert, it's best to contract associate linesman to mount and got wind of your court lighting or accessories.

To see your lighting needs, you'll need to live the dimensions of your court. customary volleyball courts square measure sixty feet by thirty feet, and there's usually 10 feet of out of bounds area around all the perimeters. this implies that you just can got to acquire enough lighting materials for a 50′ by 80′ area. the security of each the spectators and therefore the players depends upon having the right lighting for the court. Care should be taken to stop glare which will impede the sport by bright participants.

volleyball court lighting project reform

Volleyball fields in general are easy to build in your backyard, next to a cottage, in a random field, etc.

I like to play volleyball with friends during the summer, but people work sometimes late, we eat supper and by the time we get to our private volleyball court it is dark outside. What better place to go to get advice than CPF? I have been browsing these forums for weeks now and I must say I think I am turning into a flashaholic.

The main problem with volleyball field lighting is that players are often blinded by the spotlights , unless they are very very high in the sky and that is not really affordable or practical.

I made a little scheme of what I am looking to build:

You see 1 spotlight on each side not too close to the field to avoid most blindness to players and so that the light is somewhat spread out evenly across the field.I am looking to build something that will look nice and work nice. I am generally pretty good at working with my hands and the objective of this project is to learn more about lighting, electrical circuits, etc.I will be updating this thread every now and then with pictures of my work in progress and some explanations of what I've done or want to do, think of it as a journal.

Electricity does not run anywhere within a 1500m radius of the volleyball court, it's "in the woods". This is why I need it to be battery powered.I put together a list of specifications I am looking for, here goes.

light up a volleyball court

How did you come up with the 3500 lumens rating?I was thinking 1000 lumens would be PLENTY considering it doesn't need to light things that are very far, just flood in front.Each spotlight is meant to light an area of about 50x50 feet. Could use more information on this one.

What are the lux level of volleyball court?

For the recreational or low-level competition, the lighting requirement of volleyball field is 75 lux to 200 lux. If it is for professional and top-level matches, the value raises to 500 lux.

Before talking about the strengths of our lights for volleyball court, let’s take a look at the basic information. The dimension of the field is 30 feet * 60 feet. If you wish to know the height of net, it is 7 ft 11 5/8 in (for men). As for the lux requirement, it varies with the nature of matches. For the recreational or low-level competition, the lighting requirement of volleyball field is 75 lux to 200 lux. If it is for professional and top-level matches, the value raises to 500 lux. Apart from brightness, we need to look at the lighting uniformity as well.


There are several items in the volleyball court lighting that should be achieved. However, from the practical point of view of physical exercise, for the indoor volleyball hall where the folk fitness exercise and leisure function, the lighting quality level should not adopt a one-size-fits-all hard index. It can be determined by the investment operator within a reasonable range according to the investment situation, the level of playing of the players, and many other technical and economic factors.

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Satisfying use is practical, practical is good. Many indoor volleyball hall lighting cases show that the indoor volleyball hall lighting with civil fitness function can grasp the lighting quality, and the lighting effect of the stadium can reach a certain level, which can meet the requirements of playing sports.

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