street lighting height

In many modern cities, lamp posts come in a variety of styles, shapes and heights. The vast array of lamp posts are designed for different purposes. Street lighting needs to be tall enough to aid pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Lamp Height

The height of lamp posts can range from 6 feet to 40 feet and above. Street lights tend to be taller. Most are approximately 13 feet or more.

Garden Lamp 

Lamp posts used in the garden are usually used for home security and decoration. Garden lamp posts tend to be shorter at approximately 6 feet to 9 feet high.

Manufacturer Information

To determine the height of a particular lamp post, contact the manufacturer of that model. Every make of lamp post is different, there is no standard height for lamp posts.

The higher the light, the greater the surface illuminated below. Raising it to 100 feet — 60 to 70 feet higher than the standard streetlight — and placing it in the freeway’s center divider instead of along each shoulder, allow one high-mast light to do the work of nine or 10 shorter light poles.

Officials note that fewer lights translates into lower maintenance costs. And in case you were wondering, the high-mast lights are lowered using a pulley system inside the pole and serviced at ground level.

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