indoor badminton court lighting

Because badminton’s ball is very light and small, the ball’s flight path and direction are very easy to be disturbed by the wind during the play. Therefore, badminton is actually more suitable for indoor play. And it also has a set of requirements for indoor badminton lighting. Next, Xiaobian wants to say with everyone is how to achieve indoor badminton court lighting requirements?

The indoor lighting requirements for badminton courts are as follows:

To achieve the requirements of indoor badminton court lighting, a good indoor badminton venue lighting design scheme is indispensable. The following is an example of a badminton hall lighting design scheme tailored for Xi’an Razorlux. 

In addition to a good indoor badminton court lighting design program, there must also be professional badminton hall lights. Xi’an Razorlux does not dazzle the badminton hall special lamp, uses electrodeless lighting, surface light source, soft lighting is not glare, no flash, no glare, the average life of up to 100,000 hours, after-sale protection.

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