indoor swimming pool lighting

 Swimming pool lighting differs from other types of indoor gymnasiums in some ways the swimming pool surface in the swimming wave, natural light or brightness of high lighting in the range of waves reflected, will produce severe glare, so that swimmers have a sense of discomfort and fatigue, and because of the role of string light, when the swimmer in a dangerous situation, may not be found without timely rescue, this glare in the lighting design, should be limited to the minimum extent possible. 

In order to reduce the glare caused by the reflection of the light source, it is the key of the lighting design to handle the glare effect caused by the reflection of the water surface of swimming pool.

Because the roofing of this project uses the thickness is only 0. 6 mm thick large-span metal colored steel plate, no steel roof truss structure, if the traditional direct lighting mode will be installed in the ceiling of the swimming pool, lighting downward projection, lamps and lanterns in the light color plate can not be fixed on the installation, lighting installation height at the top of the pool surface of the above, the maintenance and replacement of the lamp later also adverse, At the same time, this illumination method can not completely avoid the glare effect of the pool surface.

According to the architectural features and Swimming Pool lighting design requirements of the natatorium, design bold indirect lighting combined with underwater lighting, make full use of the structural characteristics of the building, at the two sides of the swimming pool pillars and gables at the same height (see figure 1)

According to the structure of the regular installation of beam lights, cast light to the roof color plate projection light, The led swimming pool light is reflected in the ceiling and put into the pool. This prevents the light from reflecting in the water, maintenance and management is also more convenient, at the same time, because of color steel roof interior wall brush silvery white paint, reflecting coefficient of up to 92, to improve the efficiency of indirect lighting, this way than the use of grille direct lighting or other measures to limit glare more economical.

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