LED High Mast Lighting

The use of China Led high mast lighting is generally very high, so for the installation of high mast lighting arrangement can not be sloppy decision. The installation of high mast lights shall be arranged according to the characteristics and lighting requirements of local roads and places. The main arrangement has one side, two sides cross cloth lamp, T-junction cloth lamp, intersection cloth light and bend cloth light and so on various ways

On roads that are not wide in the road or where the lighting requirements are not high, width is less than 15 meters, LED high mast lighting should be a single side cloth lamp way, so that not only can make the road of 15 meters have the right brightness, also can let the road traffic situation appear clear picture, and save energy and investment cost. 

For road lighting requirements higher, or the road width is greater than 15 meters, the use of either side cloth lights or cross cloth lamp way, so that outdoor high pole lamp can provide a comprehensive lighting, will not appear blind zone. For the T-junction and Crossroads, as well as some corners, you can increase the amount of more than one or two cheap high mast lighting, or on the outside of the curve, do not cause pressure on the traffic. The upper arm of the wholesale high mast light should not exceed One-fourth of the height, the elevation of the luminaire is kept below 15°.

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