indoor basketball court lighting

How to arrange lighting fixtures in an indoor basketball court?

Basketball is no stranger to us. The United States has NBA, NCAA, NBDL and other leagues. China has CBA, CUBA, NBL and other leagues. The above leagues generally need to compete in professional indoor basketball courts. For professional indoor basketball courts lighting , Xiaobian consulted the technical director of Razorlux, and got the following data!

1. The arrangement of the stars

The top is arranged and the luminaires are placed above the field. The arrangement of the beam perpendicular to the plane of the field

The top arrangement should use symmetrical light distribution luminaires, suitable for stadiums that mainly use low space, have high requirements for uniform horizontal illumination, and have no TV broadcast requirements.

2. Arranged on both sides

The luminaires are arranged on both sides of the field, and the arrangement of the beams is not perpendicular to the plane of the site.

The basketball court lighting should be equipped with asymmetric light distribution lamps, which are arranged on the horse track and are suitable for stadiums with high vertical illumination requirements. When the lamps are installed on both sides, the aiming angle of the lamps should not exceed 66 degrees.

3. Mixed arrangement

Combination of top and side arrangements

Mixing arrangements should be used in a variety of light distribution forms for large comprehensive stadiums. The luminaires are arranged in the same way as the top and side arrangements above.

4. Lamp selection

For indoor basketball court lighting, the higher usage rate is razorlux 400W LED stadium lights. The razorlux indoor basketball court lighting is beautiful and generous. The lighting features are not dazzling, soft light, high uniformity, and received athletes and referees. The audience’s unanimous approval!

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