basketball court lighting

Basketball court LED lighting design concept: With the improvement of the living standard of social pressure also increases, how to better enhance the physical quality of the modern urban population is an important issue, all kinds of sports venues have emerged.

How to choose a reasonable and suitable lighting for the venue to make users comfortable while also for the builders to save the relevant costs and to respond to the country to establish beautiful China’s goal is that many designers and builders are facing challenges.

Our company based on years of China Led Sports Lighting design, installation experience for the vast number of friends to provide the following programs. Indoor led basketball court lighting main application, Indoor basketball court recommended units: Enterprise Staff Stadium, unit Indoor Stadium, toll-type sports venues, training venues, general indoor competition venues.

LED lamps and traditional metal halide lamp contrast has the advantages:

1, long service life, at present, the metal halide lamp in the market is the warranty period mainly in one year or so, and led warranty period of more than two years

2, Low-power power small: LED flood light of the power consumption is only one of the 10 metal halide lamp maintenance cost is low: LED flood light can do for 3 years maintenance-free, and the gold halide lamp because of its own reason basically must reach one year to replace the light source 2 years to replace the rectifier, the lamp maintenance cost and the labor cost greatly enhances.

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