Lighting Needs for an Industrial Space

Figuring out lighting needs for an industrial space requires taking multiple factors into account. In order to be a safe and productive environment, industrial spaces must be well lit. However, this has to come with attention to electric bills and the cost of replacing bulbs and repairing fixtures.

Razorlux Outlet is a premiere supplier of industrial lights for places like airport hangars, gymnasiums, warehouses, luxury car garages, and more. We have provided lighting bulbs and fixtures for businesses big and small. This article from Superior Lighting will offer some helpful definitions and break down a few simple specs for lighting various locations.

warehouse lighting
warehouse lighting

Some Quick Terms:

These terms are important to know when it comes to figuring out what your industrial lighting requirements are.


This is a metric unit derived from the amount of visible light given off by an illumination source. The more light shown off, the higher the corresponding lumen count will be.


This is the metric unit that measures how intense the light will be as it is perceived by the human eye when it passes through or hits a given surface. One lux equals a lumen per square meter.

A Foot-Candle:

A foot-candle is the non-SI unit that gauges the strength of light thrown from a surface in common use in the American lighting industry to calculate adequate levels of light in one square foot. A foot-candle equals 1 lumen per square foot about 10 lux.

Size and Type of Space

· Public spaces like doorways, loading docks or workplace corridors tend to be served by 2-to-5 foot-candles.

· Lunch and break rooms, exhibition halls, locker rooms and large component manufacturing places tend to use 10-20 foot-candles on average.

· Conference rooms, open warehouses and lots used for auto sales generally use about 20-50 foot-candles.

· Auto showrooms, gymnasiums and small component manufacturing often need about 50-100 foot-candle lighting.

· For high precision manufacturing and professional gymnasiums use 100-200 foot-candle lighting.

· Anything high performance requiring prolonged and exacting visual tasks usually uses 500-1000 foot candles.

LED Warehouse Lighting
LED Warehouse Lighting

Industrial Lighting Available from Razorlux Lighting

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2. Illuminate your warehouse with these powerful, efficient and reliable LED warehouse high bay lights.

3. Light up your parking lots, loading docks, corridors and entryways with these LED wall fixtures.

Warehouse Lighting Requirements

Have your ever walked through a dark warehouse? It can be intimidating. That feeling occurs because the risk to your well-being is real.

An electric forklift, which is designed to operate quietly, traveling at a high speed, may not be noticed … until it strikes you.


Per companies are required to provide a minimum of two lumens per square foot in areas with heavy equipment in use. Also referred to as foot-candles, lumens are calculated by the wattage of light fixtures used versus the square footage of an area.

Imagine a room measuring 10 ft. x 10 ft. (100 square feet). A single 20 watt incandescent bulb would barely satisfy minimum requirement. Plus you would be left with a dimly lit room. Now think of your local grocery store and the brightness of their facility. On average, grocery stores use 70 lumens per square foot. Investing is lighting helps the store feature all offerings on the shelf and provides an environment where customers want to continue shopping.

energy saving warehouse lighting
energy saving warehouse lighting


Operation of heavy equipment outdoors must also be considered. Working multiple shifts or production during the winter season may leave your forklift operator without sunlight. Outside lighting or front/rear work lights on the equipment assists an operator with seeing his surrounding area. In some cases, all options may be needed to achieve two lumens per square foot for legal operation.

You must pay attention to that intimidating feeling you get walking in dark areas. While lighting a large area can produce a substantial cost, concern for employee safety should be priority. You may not find what’s lurking around the corner until it’s too late.

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