factory lighting

How to calculate the brightness of the workshop lighting, the factory calculation lamp scheme

What kind of lamps are good for factory lighting? Energy conservation and emission reduction are the basic requirements for domestic factory lighting fixtures and are also in line with the interests of enterprise development.

In order to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, it is necessary to work hard on the selection of factory lighting fixtures, so as to ensure good lighting conditions and effectively improve the working efficiency of workers inside industrial enterprises.

As a kind of industrial lighting fixture widely used in industrial environments, industrial and mining lamps, in addition to various lighting fixtures used in normal environments, also have explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion lamps used in special environments, and in some large high-rise buildings. There is also the use of high bay light.

Due to changes in lighting venues, mining lights have also changed!

Razorlux energy-saving lighting series is now mainly used in factories, roads, stations, shopping malls, logistics, venues and other basic facilities. We are more focused on the industrial plant lighting energy-saving field, with high-power energy-saving lamps, energy-saving core technology and many other patents, products The power saving efficiency is remarkable, the return rate is as high as 60%, and the energy-saving lamps have the unique characteristics of the diamond face reflector.

Through the national patent certification, there are problems and more guarantees! Choose Razorlux energy-saving lighting, energy saving and environmental protection every day!

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