150W LED street lamp

LED street lamp Common “fishy”:

As an important lighting facility for urban development, the quality of LED street lamp is the focus of major projects. However, the price of LED street lamps are varied and the quality is uneven.So we must choose led street lamp carefully.

1. Configure virtual standard wholesale led street light bulb also accompanied by the decline in the price of profit, competition has also led to a lot of businesses began to appear shoddy product parameters, this is the customer repeatedly than the price, the demand for low prices caused by the practice of some manufacturers.

2. Fake chip LED lighting is the core of the chip, directly determines the performance of the lamp! However, some unscrupulous businesses to take advantage of the customer’s unprofessional, from the cost above consideration, the use of low-cost chips, so that customers with high unit prices to buy low quality products caused direct economic losses, and wholesale residential street lights caused serious quality problems.

3. Copper wire posing as gold wire many led manufacturers try to develop copper alloy, gold silver alloy wire, silver alloy wire to replace the expensive gold wire. Although these alternatives are superior to gold lines in some properties, they are much poorer in terms of chemical stability, such as silver wire and gold silver alloy wires that are susceptible to sulfur/chlorine/bromide corrosion and copper wires that are easily oxidized and vulcanized. To similar to absorbent breathable sponge encapsulation silicone, these alternatives make bonding wire more susceptible to chemical corrosion, light source reliability reduction, the use of a long time, LED light beads more easily broken dead lights.

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