Stadium lighting design

Good stadium lighting is just like air. Its existence is almost forgotten. On the contrary, when the lighting of the venue is not so professional, it will become smog and it can be felt at the first time. Therefore, the comfort and professionalism of lighting speak for the importance of professional venues. This article introduces the lighting standard, cloth lighting and design of the tennis court in order to build with you and provide first-class lighting in the stadium to enhance the comfort of sports.

Stadium lighting design is mainly to meet the needs of football, track and field, football, hockey and other sports. Because of the ball’s running, football is not only on the ground, but also in the space of 10~30m from the ground. Therefore, to maintain a certain degree of brightness in all directions of a certain space height, the distribution of light in the space below 15m above the football field is very uniform.

Most of the track and field competitions are conducted within a range of about 3m above the ground. The lighting of such sports facilities is mainly to meet the requirements of uniform light distribution on the ground. Javelin, discus, hammer and other items can reach a height of 20 meters. Such projects are often not held at night.

However, these sports are held more often at night and are often the finals or qualifications. The degree of importance is evident. Therefore site lighting must meet the needs of such projects.

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