LED street lighting

In this case, much of the luminance of the light is lost and produces light pollution in the air and surrounding environment. Such street lights can also cause glare for drivers and pedestrians. A drawback of LED focus panels is that most light is directed to the road, and less light to the footpaths and other areas.

How to choose a high quality led street light?

1. The luminous efficiency

LED lighting technology becoming mature, high power LED light source has can meet the general street lamp luminous flux as needed. General light effect of high pressure sodium lamp is 100 LM/W, commonly used high power LED is 50 to 60 lm/W, with abroad the best LED chip can reach 80 lm/W, the higher luminous efficiency, energy saving effect means the better, which is to choose one of the most important indicator of LED street light. Leds, however, does not have explicitly stipulated in the standard, so must be carefully confirmed when purchasing LED street light.

2. LED street light lighting failure

Now some businessmen in order to reduce costs, with hundreds of small power LED 0.5 W. However, this kind of small power LED light failure is very serious, its light failure and 80% of life is only 1000 hours. As the need for long-term use, so the LED street light is absolutely not allowed the use of this kind of small power LED, high power leds,(generally refers to more than 30 w), the light failure will be much better.

3. The problem of LED street light weight

LED street light due to the complexity of high technical content, composition and so on reasons, some high power lamp holder will weigh far more than ordinary high pressure sodium lamp, so the support for the corresponding material requirements are higher. However, some LED street light manufacturer has as much as possible to reduce the weight of the LED lamp holder, from the original single lamp holder about 30 kilograms, dropped more than 10 kilograms, weight loss and the trend of decline further.

LED street light

4. Heat dissipation of LED street light

LED for semiconductor components, the wafer is affected by temperature and reduced to 30% of the initial luminous flux, will lose the meaning of lighting, or put an end to the life, the life of the high power LED street light in theory 3-50000 hours, but the premise is have good heat resistance. It is worth mentioning that domestic has adopted the world's leading manufacturer of acicular heat dissipation technology.

Here are some advantages for LED street lights:

 Cost and Energy Saving – LED lighting saves more than 50%-80% in energy savings, reducing operating costs. With the available dimming and smart controls, it help reduce energy and cost further.  LED lighting produces more lumen output per watt, making it more energy efficient.

 Environmental friendly – consumes lesser energy and RoHS compliance: LEDs don't contain mercury or lead, and don't release poisonous gases if damaged.

LED street lights

No UV radiation – produces no ultraviolet or infrared light.

Long Lasting – LED system last more than 50,000~100,000 hours. With good optical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal engineering design, the luminaire will perform to last long with less maintenance required.

Dimmable – LEDs are dimmable and have a quick turn-on time. With different controls available, it can last longer.

Quick turn on and off - Unlike mercury vapor, metal halide and sodium vapor lamps (commonly used in street lighting ), LED turns on quickly and do not have a problem restarting immediately following a brief power failure or inadvertent turn off.

Control Lighting and Uniform lighting distribution – LED are directional, and a well designed solid state lighting product is able to control lighting and able to project light to specific area, allowing wider coverage of a consistent light pattern. Improved uniformity means fewer hot spots and subsequent pools of darkness.

Visibility – Improved lighting quality with high color rendering index more than 70, which enhances color and improves visibility, making it safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

When it comes to choosing the right LED products for your outdoor area lighting application, make sure the products have photometric test reports . For all other certificates, please refer to the certification page. If you need ies files, please contact us today.

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