LED high bay lights

Led high bay light, is refers to the factory, the mine, the storehouse, the high shed production area uses the Lamp class general name, in addition to in the usual environment uses the various illumination lamps, but also has the special environment to use the explosion-proof lamp and the corrosion-proof lamp.

LED high bay light occupies a very important position in the factory decoration. It can not only visually show beauty, but also make the whole factory look more thick, more layered, to provide you with a comfortable lighting environment. Each craft, is a piece of fine carved touching story .

Razorlux photoelectric each Seiko series of industrial and mining lamps, are used in sophisticated manufacturing processes. The difference between the big banner photoelectric and the lighting city is that we will help you design the illumination plan.

Because WHO and whose factory situation is not the same, height, width, lamp density, illuminance requirements, light time and other factors. Banner Photoelectric has professional designers, according to your actual situation design for your lighting program,

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