airport runway lighting

LED with its own various advantages and has been applied in all walks of life in life, airport lighting is no exception, then the airport lighting standards is what? How to choose airport runway lighting?

      Airport runway lights:

Runway edge lights shall be provided along two full lines parallel to the runway centerline along the length of the runway along a distance of not more than 3 m from the edge of or along the edge of the area published for use as a runway. The longitudinal spacing of lamps and lanterns should be as uniform as possible, if the instrument runway, the lamp spacing should not exceed 60 m, if non-instrument runway, the lamp spacing should not exceed 100 m. The lights on both sides of the runway should correspond one by one to form a straight line perpendicular to the midline of the runway.

Airline lighting system is one of the most important aspects of the normal operation of airport security. It is an important visual aids to aircraft flight safety and plays an important role in aircraft approach and landing. The normal operation of the aids lighting system is directly related to the safety of the airship taking off and landing. In view of the importance of airport lighting for the take-off and landing safety of the aircraft, the equipment must always be kept in normal working condition.

      Airport LED lighting solutions for the departure of the aircraft is very important, so can not effect, the airport lighting energy saving to do when to choose a reliable brand to do, so as to ensure that consumers are responsible!

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