badminton court light

Specifications for lighting design of badminton venues 

  1. Standard value of lighting for badminton court light. The average level of illumination of the auditorium and the sports grounds shall not be less than 20LX. The minimum horizontal illuminance value should not be less than 5LX for the evacuation lighting of the venues and their exits. Light Source Selection: 1 Lighting installation height of the stadium, light source should use LED floodlight.                
  2. 2 indoor gymnasium with lower roof and smaller area, it is advisable to adopt straight tube fluorescent lamp and LED flood light. 3 light source should have appropriate color temperature, good color rendering, high light effect, long life and stable ignition and photoelectric characteristics. 4 the relevant color temperature and application of light source can be determined according to the following table.
  1. Lighting requirements 1) lamps and lanterns should be equipped with light installation height, location and lighting requirements to adapt. Medium and wide beam lamps should be selected in indoor gymnasium. 2 lamps should have glare-proof measures. 3 Metal Halide lamp is not suitable to use the open type lamps. The protection level of the lamp housing should not be less than IP65.
  2.  Lighting Arrangement Requirements
  3. 6. Indoor Gymnasium lighting should use the following arrangement: 1 Direct Lighting layout: 1 The top of the layout of the lamp layout above the site, the beam perpendicular to the layout of the site plane. 2 on both sides of the layout of the lamp layout on both sides of the site, the beam is not perpendicular to the layout of the site plane. 3 mix arrangement of top and side arrangement. 2 Indirect Lighting Fixture layout: The way of lighting up illumination.

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