explosion proof led lighting

Light source selection of explosion proof led lighting. Although the incandescent lamp still has more use, but because the luminous efficiency is low, the life is short, is gradually being replaced by other light sources.  

 One of the more applications is the single plug without starter fluorescent lamp and from the town flow high-pressure mercury lamps and high-pressure sodium lamp. Single-Plug without starter fluorescent lamp is a cold cathode gas discharge lamp, the principle of luminescence is the use of electrodes between mercury atoms to produce ultraviolet radiation, thus stimulating the fluorescent material inside the china led flood light manufacturers light.

This fluorescent lamp has a higher luminous efficiency (about 3 times times the incandescent light) and has a longer service life and does not require a starter when starting (usually there is a conductive layer on the tube wall, known as the FAI layer, the glow of the fluorescent lamp is done by it; when the lamp bursts, the phosphor layer is destroyed, the light is extinguished, the cathode temperature is low (about 200 ℃), It is a kind of safe and practical light source, and it is suitable for the lighting lamps.

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