football field lighting

This is a problem that many customers must face before purchasing. Nowadays, there are two kinds of choices for the illumination of the football field on the market: one is the sodium lamp and the other is the led football field lighting. We basically choose a suitable light source between the two.

However, how do we know that the light source is suitable and that it is not suitable? General customers have little understanding of this expertise. Naturally, how to choose football lighting has become a major challenge for these customers. Now Friends Lighting with everyone how to choose football lighting.

As we all know, LED lamp is a very energy-saving lighting product, not only high brightness and long life. But there are also its limitations, not all lighting sites are suitable for led lights, a pole lamp as an example, if it is for lighting brightness is not very high places, such as the pole lights on the Park Square, this situation with LED lights are still possible, because its brightness is enough for people walking in the park to play, and compared to high-pressure sodium lamps, energy-saving is a great advantage of led lamps.

High-power football stadium lights, it can be used for football field, basketball court lighting, tennis lighting, in some lighting brightness demand is relatively high, fog more lighting places, or choose high power led light is better.

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