requirements of football field lighting

How to choose football field lighting?

  (1) Artificial Lighting Guide for Football Stadiums: FIFA. The standard includes the competition classification, lighting requirements, lighting parameters recommended values, site lighting measurements and other content, is the most complete and up-to-date standard of artificial lighting in the current football field. The standard was applied at the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.

  (2) Manual lighting for multi-purpose indoor stadiums: GAISF, European Broadcasting Union (EBU). For the first time, the standard introduced high-definition color television broadcast (HDTV) terms, and lighting standards have taken another step.

However, high-definition television is still in the development stage, so the requirements are based on the knowledge and experience available at the time of standard formulation; compared with other standards and specifications, HDTV also requires an emergency system to provide minimal emergency television lighting. 

(3) Lighting guide for sporting events with color television and film systems: Document 83 of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).

The installation requirements of football field lighting are relatively high. Generally, the football field uses high-power 1000W mining lamps. The standard football field is relatively large.

The ordinary lamps used are high-power lamps with 1000W. If they are replaced with LED lamps, at least To use a 400W headlight, this would be more suitable for football pitches in terms of brightness and illuminance, and the pole height could be 10-12 meters.

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