high power led flood light

Low-power LED energy-saving lamp rated current is 20mA, rated current higher than 20mA basically can be counted as high-power. The number of general power: 0.25w, 0.5w, 1w, 3w, 5w, 8w, 10w and so on. The main brightness unit lm (lumens), low-power brightness unit is generally mcd. These two units can not be converted. As a new green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving light source is widely used in car lights, flashlights, lamps and so on.

High lumen led flood light color temperature distribution is uniform, will have a direct impact on lighting effects; and color temperature and color rendering index are interrelated, the color temperature changes will cause the color rendering index changes.

Thermal resistance of high power led flood light directly affect the heat dissipation of LED devices. Low thermal resistance, the better heat dissipation; heat resistance is poor heat dissipation, so that the device temperature rise, it will affect the wavelength of light drift. According to experience, once the temperature rises, the wavelength of light will drift 0.2 ~ 0.3nm, this will directly affect the luminous quality of the device. High temperature rise also directly affects the W-class led flood lights outdoor high power’s life.

The face of chaotic market, how to choose a good product, reasonably priced led high-power lamps it?

First of all, when buying a lamp, find a more professional person to choose, avoid unnecessary troubles.

Second, the purchase of led lamps, the purchase of UL, CE and other certification documents complete lighting. Because of these certified lamps, are quality assurance, maintenance is also convenient.

Third, do not be cheap, buy some bad quality, dangerous to use led lights.

Fourth, before buying a lamp, all the details are well understood, such as what kind of chip used, in what temperature environment, how to install.

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