High Mast Lighting

Urban life, modernization of the pace of acceleration, high-mast lighting is not only used for road lighting tools, but also beautify the city environment decorations, led high pole lamp has become a new business card city traffic. So more and more high pole lamp manufacturers began to pay attention to the combination of high pole lamp lighting, including high pole lamp color collocation and so on, the following XI ‘an wisdom sea to give you a detailed introduction. 

High output LED high mast lighting is a kind of outdoor lighting, its light source is the use of new LED semiconductor as a light-emitting body, usually refers to 6 meters below the field road lighting, its main components by: LED light source, lamps, lamp poles, flange, basic embedded Parts 5 Some of the composition, because of LED high pole lamp with its diversity, Beautiful sex with landscaping and decoration of the environment characteristics, so also known as the scene led high pole lamp. LED has: energy-saving, high efficiency and other characteristics, the main use of urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places in the outdoor lighting, can extend the time of everyone’s field activities, progressive industry security. Now LED high Pole lamp’s appearance is various, may according to the different humanities environment, the different holiday air to plan.

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