high power led flood lights

In the purchasing of high power led flood lights, customers often see the manufacturer logo of high-power or small power, then what is the main difference between high-power and small power ? Do you want to use high-power led lights or small power? Xi’an Zhihai LED lighting manufacturers to introduce you.

 1, LED light bead power of different high-power as the name implies is a single lamp bead for 1W or more power, or cob this integrated light, so that light evenly, no dead lights, no patches, fiber soft, no glare and other characteristics. High-Power lamp beads single LED power maximum can be achieved above 200W. Small power LED lights, is generally used SMD lamp beads, mainly include these kinds: 5050 lamp beads, each 0.2w,3528 lamp bead, each 0.06w,3014 lamp bead, each 0.01w,5630 lamp bead, each 0.5w,5730 lamp bead, each 0.5W. 

2, high-power led floodlight is generally higher than the low power of the cause of this phenomenon is one of the high power led itself cost, the second is high-power led to do thermal spraying treatment or add aluminum heatsink, and small power as long as the ordinary circuit board, coupled with natural heat can meet the requirements. 

3, the difference between the suitable place of led flood lights outdoor high power and the small power due to high-power LED lamps luminous efficiency and light effect is higher than the small power of the lamps, so much for the unit area of the light source requirements of high products, such as LED flood light, LED lighting, LED mining lights, LED street lamps and so on. Small power LED is basically used in the patch area is less, and heat dissipation is not good treatment, the unit area of light source light-emitting requirements are not high products, such as LED ceiling lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED panel lights, LED lights and so on.

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