High Power Led Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures

As the high efficiency of energy-saving led flood lights outdoor high power are widely used in various types of large industrial and mining enterprises, electricity, petrochemicals, metallurgy, plazas, railway stations, airports, docks, construction sites, indoor and outdoor lighting places. Therefore, the choice of high-efficiency energy-saving lighting when the floodlight, the level of protection and high efficiency lamps is very important. General high quality floodlight protection level will be above IP65, light efficiency is above 100Lm / W.

Xi’an Zhihai Power Technology Co., Ltd. production of 1000w led outdoor flood light is a utility model patented product, the development lasted 2 years, this product is set practical, safe, efficient, multi-functional, beautiful atmosphere as one of the high-end industrial lighting . Protection class IP65, light efficiency of 120Lm / W, the service life of up to five years.

1000w led outdoor flood light using high-strength silicone seals and pure copper nickel-plated waterproof connector seal measures can be directly washed in the case of electricity, the lamp body is completely sealed to adapt to outdoor and adverse weather use.

1000w led outdoor flood light reflectors imported 99.95% high purity aluminum, coupled with professional design with light curve, the lamp output efficiency of 89%.

1000w led outdoor flood light protective glass with high light transmittance tempered glass, than ordinary tempered glass transmittance increased by 30%, more effectively ensure the efficiency of lighting. Can also be based on the actual use of the scene, matching anti-glare sealing glass.

1000w led outdoor flood light installation in various ways – ceiling, pole, side walls and other installation methods, but also according to the actual needs of the scene in the range of 200 ° up and down a wide range of regulatory lighting angle to meet the installation needs of different locations.

 High-efficiency best outdoor led flood light can be used 250W, 400W, 1000W sodium lamp, metal halide lamp can also be used 120W-250W induction lamp. Fully reflect the effective integration of resources.

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