hockey field lighting

The quality of hockey club illumination mainly depends on illuminance level, illuminance uniformity and glare control degree.

The level of illumination required by the athlete is not the same as that of the audience, and the level of illumination required for the athlete is relatively low, while the audience’s goal is to watch the game, and the lighting requirement increases with the viewing distance.

  1. To ensure that goal area and corner areas are the best lighting.
  2. The ball and background should be good contrast and three-dimensional.

 Due to the side of the cloth lamp, it is better to solve the vertical illuminance uniformity of hockey field lighting. If the auditorium is less, it is recommended to use a multi-pole cloth lamp. If you reduce your investment, you can reduce the number of light poles properly.

Then we can increase the number of lights on each pole. We just finished an Australian hockey lighting, the size of the hockey field is 200*100. With 5 lamps installed on each pole, the improvement of the lighting system made the athletes ‘ big praise.

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