choose led flood light

Choose of led flood light: The choice of led stadium lighting mainly consider the power, light efficiency, life expectancy, size, color temperature, color and other factors. General coliseum lighting using color temperature between 4000 K ~ 6000 K, color rendering index ≥ 65, broadcast requirements are ≥ 80, 90 or better. General lighting location at 15 meters using 250W, 400W lamps. More than 15 meters can be considered 1000W metal halide lamp.

Emergency lighting sources available iodine tungsten lamp. Stadium lighting choices mainly consider the light distribution curve, efficiency, dust and water level and other factors. The main lighting used in this project is Zhihai Lighting.; New Genius led flood light, the light can effectively prevent dust, pollutants; a grounding device, a class of electrical insulation; floodlight with horizontal and vertical direction Of the adjustment scale; easy to install, replace the bulb or wearing parts and testing convenient, safe and reliable.

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