400W Football Stadium Lights

Some customers need to use LED floodlights, but do not know how to buy LED floodlights, the following Xiaobian how to buy LED floodlights to explain this issue to everyone.

1, led 65 watt flood lights brightness is different, the price is different, the more LED lights, the greater the brightness, the higher the price certainly, in order to ensure the quality of LED floodlights, it is recommended to choose the regular big brand manufacturers to buy LED floodlight light.

2, anti-static ability is also need to consider, anti-static ability of the LED, its long life, and therefore high prices, usually more than 700V antistatic LED can be used for LED lighting.

3, the same wavelength LED, and thus the same color, the natural price of such LED floodlights to more expensive, if required LED floodlights the same color, the price will be higher.

4, light-emitting point of view, LED light-emitting point of view, the lighting effects are not the same, the natural price is not the same, the general special light-emitting point of view, the higher the price, whether you want to buy LED floodlights whether there is such a request , It is recommended in the purchase process is best to consider this factor.

5, to see the chip, LED flood light for the chip, different chips, the price difference is very large. Wafers for china industrial led flood lights have an important role, we buy LED floodlights must use the big brand chips.

6, colloid is the LED floodlight purchase process must be considered a factor, because it is related to the long life of the floodlight, the general average of the general colloidal epoxy LED, and high-quality outdoor LED Lighting should be resistant to UV and fire, so add anti-UV and fire retardant LED prices more expensive.

More than six tips are how to choose LED floodlights point, it is recommended that you look at before buying, choose the inexpensive LED floodlights.

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