LED sports lighting

Before sending a few articles on the basic knowledge of LED sports lighting, the results of private letter asked many people ask questions about the purchase of led lamps, taking into account there may be many people in this area or have doubts, so take the time to write down this blog post.

Based on these professional knowledge, I summed up the “four-character rule”: hope, search, touch. The company is located in:

1: hope: that is, what to see? Look glare is not glare. Home have energy-saving lamps or fluorescent light right? After the led sport light is looking at the sports light fixture glances, and then looked at the energy-saving lamps glances, feel the glare does not look dazzling, if this lamp, more than the dazzling energy-saving lamps, then do not buy, the eyes could not resist . (Look at the time, for a few more points, is the right side view, etc., to all directions are not dazzling, is a good light)

2: want: what do you want? Find the factory to the following data:

(1): LED chip brands, capacitors, MOS, IC control chip, diode brand. The company is located in:

(2): Sports field lighting source “light source test report” or “integral ball map” (below) This figure over there, look at the red standard place, see two parameters: display index Ra, luminous efficiency. Requires the display index Ra> 80, while luminous efficiency> 100LM / W. Note that at the same time, that is to say Ra> 80, luminous efficiency> 100lm / w, to meet at the same time.

3: search: search what? Want to chip those brands and capacitors that brand, go to Google to search, look at the brand reputation, quality are like, what kind of grade. The company is located in:

4: touch: touch the temperature, the lamp lit 20-30 minutes, touch the lamp part of the metal heatsink, if you grasp the whole hand can persist for about 10 seconds, then the temperature is OK, if you insist on a few seconds to feel very hot , Could not resist, then there is a problem with this lamp heat, life is not guaranteed. It is best to have a thermometer, amount, if the heat sink temperature of about 60 degrees, 65 degrees above the dangerous. 

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