sports arenas lighting

Sports arenas and gyms are all about clarity and Razorlux’s glare and flicker-free LEDs are perfect for this type of environment. We know the sport, and we want to bring great sporting experiences to all areas. Whether your location is big or small, indoors or outdoors, you can trust Razorlux to provide a well-lit, atmospheric event.

Case Studies of Sports Arenas Lighting

Saving money in the sporting arena is easy with Razorlux. We have a strong history of providing recreational and sporting facilities with LED upgrades that look great and save plenty of money. Explore our case studies below.

Key Considerations of Sports Arenas Lighting

When you’re ready to talk to us about your arena needs we’re here to help. Have a look at your gym or arena and consider these things when looking to invest in new LEDs:

If you’re indoors, what sort of access do you have to natural light?

How often are events and games played at night?

What sort of a budget do you have for sports arena lighting?

Does your arena have a high roof?

How can you create a safer environment?

How can you make the game easier to play and watch?

Technical Information of Sports Arenas Lighting

For more information about the best LEDs for your big game, have a read of some of the technical information that sets us apart:

Razorlux have arena lights with wireless dimming, allowing for the control of lights on high ceilings

Razorlux stock a range of indoor and outdoor lights

Industrial LED lighting (encompassing indoor arenas and halls) is expected to grow by up to 40% globally between 2011 and 2020

Outdoor LED lighting is expected to grow by up to 70% globally between 2011 and 2020

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