High Power Led Stadium Light

For example, what kind of stadium light fixtures are used by indoor sports stadium investors, installation of hanging heights, how many led stadium lights are used, and how stadiums are equipped with venue lighting.

In fact, this is the content that should be interpreted in the lighting engineering design of sports stadiums. The selection of stadium lighting fixtures: The selection of stadium lighting fixtures should grasp the following elements.

 One is that the spectral energy distribution structure of high power led stadium lights is close to the visible spectrum structure of sunlight, and the color of the sun is bright and white. The second is that the reflection characteristics of the lamp shade match the radiation characteristics of the stadium lighting, and the illuminance has a reasonable scientific horizontal and vertical illuminance ratio. Third, there is no glare energy and no glare hazard. 

The lighting effect is not dazzling, glare, dazzling or blind. Fourth, there is no hazard of stroboscopic lighting and stroboscopic lighting, and the airborne flight path of the sphere is true and accurate.

 Fifth, the stadium lighting has a color rendering index of more than 85. It has a strong color rendering ability, a true light color, and the reflective brightness of the sphere is true and clear. 

Sixth, the court lighting fixtures have high visual luminous efficiency, high illuminance per watt at the actual site, and energy saving. On average, each hour spent on badminton courts consumes less than one yuan per hour. On average, each ping-pong table has a lighting fee of one yuan every eight hours. Seventh, the failure rate of led sports field lighting is low, with an annual failure rate of about 1%. The light decay is small and the annual light decay rate is about 5%. The actual starting glow ignites for more than 20,000 hours.

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