table tennis room lighting

How to choose table tennis room lighting? General layout of the lights can be referred to as follows: 

(1) The top arrangement should be selected symmetrical light lamps, is suitable for the main use of low space, the level of the surface uniformity of the requirements of the higher, and no television broadcast requirements of the stadium. The top of the cloth lamp has a special arrangement, that is, the group uniform layout, is a number of large sets of lamps to form a level, and then a number of level lamps on the scene of the master uniform layout.

(2). Both sides of the cloth lamp is arranged on both sides of the site, the beam is not perpendicular to the site plane layout. Suitable for the use of asymmetrical table tennis room lighting, arranged on the Ma Dao, suitable for vertical illumination requirements and a television broadcast requirements of the stadium. When the lamp is on both sides, the aim angle of the luminaire should not be greater than 65 degrees. 

(3) Mixing arrangement is the layout of the top and the two sides of the layout of the main arrangement, it is advisable to choose a variety of light fixtures, suitable for large-scale comprehensive sports stadium. The layout of the lamp is arranged at the top and the sides are arranged. 

(4) According to the table tennis lighting kits layout should be used in the middle, wide-light Cong lamps are suitable for the construction space with low layer height, large span and good reflector, and are suitable for the gymnasium with more stringent glare limit and no TV relay requirements, which is not applicable to the hanging lamps and the installed structures.

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