sports stadium lighting

The spectral energy structure determines the color of the light without questioning it. However, for the physical meaning of the spectral distribution, it is hard for most people to grasp their practical physical meaning except for the professional technicians. 

If you let the general engineering and technical personnel, especially folk sports venues investment managers. The use of spectral energy distribution structure to identify the venue lights, the actual operability is very low. However, this is not to say that in the actual stadium lighting design. There is no point that can be grasped for the light color identification and evaluation of sports light fixture.

In fact, each type of stadium lights, have their own specific and spectral energy distribution structure corresponding to the light color performance characteristics. Some venue lights show, specific lighting colors. Some stadium lights are reflected in the specific color temperature of the lamp body. It is precisely because of sports lighting, different types and technical performance of different quality, light color performance characteristics will be different. We sports stadium lighting project, you can according to the stadium light color performance characteristics, to identify the light color of the selection of sports venue lighting quality.

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