120W SMD LED flood light

According to the use of the site and the actual needs 

 1. What needs to buy what kind of China high output led flood lights, is used in the home or the courtyard, or works, or special occasions, general household “outdoor”, “explosive area” of the mine, this can save money.

2.LED floodlight is mainly divided into shell and light source, the luminous part is the light source, light source of good or bad affect the brightness and light decay rate, light decay rate is such as you used for half a year he will be brightness attenuation, this is the lamp will inevitably appear in the situation, but the degree of difference, the best light in about 90%, bad some to 60% every year, The basic second year is not good, and light decay serious, affect glasses, and let people drowsy, reduce office efficiency. 

3. The shell is mainly related to the application of the occasion, such as home dust index is not very high, shockproof, anti-corrosion, waterproof and so on, look at the corresponding IP index, ask the other party can use in which occasions.

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