hockey stadium lighting

Selection of Hockey stadium lighting fixture

Due to the professionalism and particularity of hockey, the choice of hockey stadium lighting should be particularly cautious. In the field of hockey stadium lighting , the industry is currently the first “China’s north star dipper.” As a systematic solution supplier of LED sports lighting, the hockey lighting of China betta star has its unique features!

1. Network intelligent control:

Non-polar dimming: fast light and dark automatic real – time control, multiple self – protection;

2. Green, energy-saving, low-carbon and environment-friendly:

More than 65% of the traditional golden halide Lantern Festival;

3. Safety and environmental protection:

No risk of light bulb explosion, no use of heavy metal toxic and harmful substances such as mercury, no uv damage, less overflows: reduce environmental light pollution;

4. High cost performance and low maintenance:

Long service life, more than 20 years lamp bead service life; The light efficiency is 25% higher than that of ordinary LED lights, which greatly reduces the installation cost of the system. Low maintenance, saving 80% of long-term maintenance costs;

5. Low glare:

Uniform distribution of light, built-in anti-glare, anti-overflow device;

6. Instantaneous switch start, easy to use.

For hockey, the most professional equipment must be equipped, after all, professional is the best!

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