LED parking lot light

When entering the parking lot after dark, most people will not notice the quality of light unless the lights are broken. The light-filled space makes it safe for drivers and pedestrians to drive or walk easier. On the other hand, inadequate lighting will not only increase the possibility of accidents but also increase crime.

Both builders and lighting engineers know that proper parking lot light of public spaces is crucial. The parking lot deserves special consideration. In the planning and implementation process, the following three aspects should be studied in-depth.

The first consideration is the design of the pole or lamp post. When studying options, it's not just looking for durable materials. The light itself offers many advantages. LED lights can be designed to support single or multiple lights, and are usually the best choice for parking.

HID lights in many streets and parking lots in the United States are obsolete and are gradually being replaced by modern LED lights. HID lamps are not energy-efficient, they also produce bright spots and black spots, which reduce visibility and indirectly increase crime rates. LEDs are highly efficient, long lasting, and can produce precisely controlled light output. This means less wasted light, higher visibility, and more uniform outdoor lighting after dark.

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