sports venue lighting

Sports lighting occupies a very important position in the sports building, the TV ① lighting system should create a good light environment for the users, ensure the fast visual, and the addition of the relay to highlight the importance of sports venue lighting

In order to ensure good viewing conditions, according to the different use of the speed of development, all over the country are building different types of sports venues, and the scale of the lighting indicators are increasingly required. 

For the Olympic Games, such as high lighting requirements of the stadium, the proposal is big, higher standards, more and more functions. With the continuous development of China’s economy, as well as the use of “normal sports lighting= Olympic Lighting” mode, the Olympic Games after the demolition of the Beijing Olympic Games is approaching,Games bid sports facilities construction will have in addition to the Fou lighting, economic reasonable, avoid waste. Greater development.

 ② lighting Design should choose appropriate lighting equipment, lighting and lighting control system at present, the outdoor stadium should follow the stadium lighting standards listed in table 1. System, to achieve advanced technology, economic reasonable, easy to use. Table 1 The common height field illumination standard ③ guarantees satisfies each kind of race and the activity at the same time. We should also try to save energy and avoid light pollution.

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