football stadium lighting

Football, with its reputation as the “world’s first sport,” is the most influential individual sport in the world’s sports world. Football matches are generally chosen to be played on a professional football field. What is the most important factor for a professional football field?

In today’s national fitness, the football field has received more and more attention. As more and more friends like football, professional football fields have started to rise. In 2018 as the World Cup year, football matches undoubtedly attracted the attention of the whole world. Football stadium lighting is an important part of the World Cup and the football field, so we must pay special attention to the lighting design of the football field!

What kind of football field lighting is professional?  

Regarding the lighting design of the football field, we have always emphasized that “practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.” Therefore, the lighting quality of the football field is mainly set according to the user’s experience, followed by the audience of the athletes and referees, the audience, and the event. In general, the quality of football lighting depends on the level of illumination, the uniformity of illuminance, and the degree of glare control.

The level of illumination required by athletes is different from that of spectators. For athletes, because they are not far apart from each other and from each other, the required illuminance level is not particularly high, but the purpose of the audience is to watch the game. The illuminance requirement is As the viewing distance increases, it increases.

How to judge the level of illumination on the football field?

For the audience, the visibility of athletes is related to vertical illuminance and horizontal illuminance. Vertical illuminance depends on the direction and position of the sports lighting fixture. The number of viewers varies greatly due to the different venues, and the viewing distance relates to the capacity of the football field. Therefore, the required illumination of football venues increases with the increase of the football field as required.

In addition, illuminance uniformity, glare, color temperature, and color reduction capability are all criteria for judging the level of lighting in a football stadium.

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