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A wider range of color temperatures means consumers have more choices when it comes to the best lighting for specific activities, locations; and using less power, saving money, and environment friendly.

LED Lighting have emerged as the pace-setter replacement for incandescent bulbs in the lighting industry. Not only are they more efficient and longer life compared to fluorescent lamp, advances in LED technology have helped overcome holdback such as light quality, saving cost or what is technically referred to as LED color temperature.


Here is a guide of which color temperatures to use in different applications:


1.How to use low color temperature LED lights?


Warmer whites are generally preferred for creating a more relaxed environment in dining, living or reception areas or some special application, not only have the function of lighting, but also play a warning role in the application.


LED bulbs of this color temperature from 2,700 to 3,000K.


Activity: Soft, warm light is good for people’s eyes ,no dazzling.

Location: Lights of this diversity are more commonly found in living spaces or residential district, living room, bedroom, hallway.

2.How to use natural color temperature LED lights?


Cool white is a best choice for office environments where a simulated natural, outdoor light is preferred.LED bulbs of this color temperature from 3,500 to 4,100K


Activity: LED lighting within this color range is considered the general, all-purpose workhorse of the lighting world and is suitable for activities requiring more focus and contrast, such as cooking, applying makeup, or shaving.

Location: LEDS with a natural color temperature are often found in kitchen, study, bathroom, cupboard, office, retail

3.How to use high color temperature LED lights?


Perfect for industrial and healthcare applications where the most natural lighting is required.

Daylight white light color temperature are most suitable for tasks requiring attention to detail and high levels of concentration and contrast, such as reading or focused work.LED bulbs of this color temperature range from 5,000 to 6,500K.


Activity: As this color of light is most closely natural daylight, it helps with tasks requiring focused attention, such as reading, computer work, carved industrial and drawing.

Location: Cool white light is more suitable for settings like the commercial, retail, art studios

LED lighting solutions are available both in cool and warm, daylight light ,so you can easily find a cost-saving and energy-efficient LED solution that will fit you specific need. If you want to know how LED can optimize your lighting you are always welcome to contact us at email:

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